Small area estimation in R with a special focus on robustness



Release 0.2 of the rsae package has been published on May 24, 2022; see release notes: NEWS.


The rsae package is an R (R Core Team, 2022) package that provides functions to estimate the parameters of the basic unit-level model in small area estimation (also known as model type "B" in Rao, 2003, or nested-error regression model in Battese et al., 1988).

In step 1, the model is fitted by one of the methods:

  • maximum likelihood (see e.g., Rao, 2003, chapter 7.2),
  • M-estimation, which is robust against outliers; see Schoch (2012).

In step 2, the area-specific means are predicted using the empirical best linear unbiased predictor (EBLUP) or a robust prediction method due to Copt and Victoria-Feser (2009). In addition, the mean square prediction error of the area-specific means can be computed by a parametric bootstrap.


The package can be installed from CRAN using install.packages("rsae").

Code respository


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